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8th March 2014

Video reblogged from NYT @ SXSW with 7 notes


'Geeks Telling Jokes' is part of an experiment NYTimes media columnist David Carr ran during his speech at sxsw to represent paywalls and information haves and have-nots. Only a portion of the audience had access to this “exclusive content” via headphones and a link taped to the bottom of their chairs.

I was part of the info ‘have-nots’, which became especially frustrating when one of the ‘haves’ broke out into hysterical laughter while watching the piece. Of course, I wised up soon enough, and found the link on Twitter, along with many other audience members. This was part of the experiment, as it represents the holes in our NYTimes paywall, which Carr mentioned were there “on purpose” as part of our plan to keep people hooked on our content.

A few NYTimes journalists make cameos, including Jenna Wortham, Brian Stelter, Melena Ryzick, and David Carr.

- Deborah Acosta

Yay! SXSW!

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